Meet the Nerds


Leo Knight – Papa Nerd (Founder and CEO)leo-knight

Favorite current tech device – Samsung Note

Favorite retro tech device/game – PalmPre with WebOS was THE BEST! 

Hobbies/Fun Facts – I enjoy Hiking, Photography, Hunting, Boating, Fishing, & Programming.

Community Involvement - I am an active member of my church and the rotary.


lindaLinda Anderson – Co-Owner & Admin Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – My Android Phone.

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – TV Remote Controls

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I enjoy the great outdoors through hiking, camping, and road trips.

Community Involvement – I am a LifeGroup leader in my church, and I volunteer with LiveIt Ministries.



Joshua Peterson - General Manager & Golf Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – Can’t live without my iPhone.

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – Old School Mike Tyson Punchout!

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I am an avid golfer. Let’s play a round!

Community Involvement – I am the founder of a new professional theatre company in Knoxville, River & Rail Theatre Co. Our first production is this December. Check us out:



Kevin Huynh – Member Support Specialist Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – Bragi Dash Earbuds

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – Nintendo 64

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I can ride a Unicycle, even with a flat tire! I also make the best egg rolls.



Stephanie Yeap – Member Specialist Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – Amazon Echo

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – Nintendo 64

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I enjoy traveling. I’ve been to 30 countries and 3 “Eiffel towers”.

Community Involvement – I’m a student at UTK and have been on the executive team of two fundraising events to benefit local charities.


Christian Yoder – Member Support Specialist Nerdunknown-1

Favorite Current Tech Device – Windows 7 PC All the Way

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – Original Nintendo Entertainment System

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I enjoy playing the guitar, composing music, and hiking.

Community Involvement – I am involved with Navitat Knoxville and All Souls.



Cameron Scott – Member Specialist Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – iPhone 6S+

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – Nintendo 64

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I am a car aficionado and driving machine. My dog Neyland is the best.

Community Involvement – Go Vols! I am a huge UT fan and love attending games on Saturday’s at Neyland stadium.


ethanEthan Grissom – Member Specialist Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – MacBook Pro 2011 with MacOS Sierra

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – Gameboy Advance

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I enjoy rock climbing, running, mountain biking.

Community Involvement – Go Vols! I am a student at UTK.


Mary Ann Watkins – Receptionist Nerd

Favorite Current Tech Device – A no frills iPhone 6 that I’ve yet to upgrade to iOS 10.

Favorite Retro Tech Device/Game – A computer game called Riding Star that I adored when I was 14 and lived and breathed horses.

Hobbies & Fun Facts – I love to do modern calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Community Involvement – My husband and I are foster parents.