Our plans are designed with you in mind. Requests are tasks we handle in the Nerd Shop. Visits are when we come to you. Pretty much anything the Nerds can do for you is included in your plan! We don’t want you watching the clock. We want to make sure we’re taking care of your needs! Not sure where to start? Talk to a Nerd today!.

So, what’s not included?¬†Nerd Visits to your home are billed at a FLAT $50…no hourly…just a FLAT $50!

Condo Plan

$35 / month

House Plan

$65 / month

Business Plans

$250+ / month
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Typical requests

“My computer’s running slow…please make it faster”

“Program my universal remote”

“Please upgrade my mac to macOS Sierra”

“Research the best Internet/Cable TV/Phone package and send me a report”

“Call Comcast and get my bill corrected”

“Fix my email…it says I can’t connect”

“Help me print my tickets to Sunday’s event”

“Move my contacts from Google to iCloud”

“Teach me how to do a mail merge for address labels”